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March 11, 2015

Stiller shows Valentino he’s still really really ridiculously good-looking.

Across internet forums and social media, rumours of a Zoolander sequel have abounded for some time, but yesterday it finally happened – Ben Stiller brought back Blue Steel.


Strutting their stuff as Derek Zoolander and Hansel, Stiller and co-star Owen Wilson crashed the Maison Valentino show in Paris; taking to the runway and making the normally expressionless front-row-fashionistas seriously lose their cool.

Stiller then confirmed the news of a sequel via his Instagram account by posting a photo of himself and Wilson with the caption “Apparently Derek and Hansel have come to terms on #Zoolander 2.”

While specific plot details are scarce at this point, Miller did reveal in a 2010 interview with MTV that “In the fashion world, if you go away for a year, it’s changed – it just happens so quickly. I think the idea in the beginning of the movie is that it’s ten years later, and Derek and Hansel are literally forgotten. Nobody remembers who they are, so they have to reinvent themselves.”

Image and Video (c) Paramount Pictures International


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