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May 13, 2015

The best way to see Dubai? By Jetpack of course!.

55-year-old former pilot Yves Rossy, otherwise known as “Jetman”,  has teamed up with skydiver Vince Reffet, to create a stunning aerial video over Dubai.

Both donning custom-built jetpacks which can reach speeds of nearly 200mph and altitudes of 12,000 ft, the pair fly in tandem through the skies in a stunning 4K video.


According to, “Swiss-born Rossy invented the carbon-fibre winged jetpack and made his first flight in 2004. Since then he has tried (and failed) to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, flown the Grand Canyon, danced through the skies with a B-17 bomber and zipped around Mount Fuji.”

Watch the video here:


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