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January 7, 2009

The Ascent Of Money.

Respected author, journalist and lecturer Niall Ferguson tells us everything we’ve ever wanted to know about money as he travels around the world. Until last summer nothing seemed capable of stopping the rise of global finance. Niall Ferguson gets knee deep in money issues, answering all those questions you ever wanted to know – what’s a future? A Hedge Fund? An option?

ascent_3dHow do people become so rich? A professor in History and Business Administration at Harvard University, an author of numerous books and a commenter on contemporary politics and economics, he indeed has the credentials. From the palaces of Florence to the bankruptcy courts of Tennessee, and the Jewish Ghetto of Venice he journeys far and wide to illustrate their integral part in economic history. This beautifully shot documentary covers a broad spectrum of economic history from the 14th Century right up to present day.The Ascent of Money is out on DVD now priced £19.99

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