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August 20, 2013

That Tuesday Thing [No.3].

Our weekly scoop-up of things from our inboxes and social media feeds..

>> Lady Gaga takes over every single Times Square billboard to launch her new music video. The Drum have the story.


>> Heineken gives one ‘lucky’ guy the chance to be abducted by clowns and thrown from an airplane: 


>> Here is a full breakdown for UK magazine sales in the first half of 2013 as measured by ABC

>> Truck Off! Katy Perry’s STUNNING, gold 18-wheeler promo truck has been pranged [via NME]


>> Some helpful grievances from journalists for PR folk in this ‘How Not To’ Guide to PR by @suburbman.

>> Hundreds of streakers run through London Zoo to highlight the plight of Sumatran tigers [via Evening Standard]


>> What Kevin Bacon learned from Paul Newman’s salad dressing [via Campaign]

>> Patton Oswalt Wins Twitter With These Brilliant Two-Part Troll Tweets

>> Favourite Tumblr of recent times. The lyrics of The Smiths/Morrissey, mixed with Peanuts cartoons.


>> Facebook: four out of five daily users log on via smartphone or tablet. Social network undergoes mobile revolution as figures show 24 million people visit site every day and 33 million each month. Full story on Media Guardian

>> Bruno Imbrizi is a visual developer interested in beautiful things built with code. Check out his 3D Tube Map 

>> For ‘Geek Week’ YouTube unveils its most daring innovation yet: CarTube. Buckle up.

>> Adam Stewart, marketing director at, has put some numbers on the value of social media. He says: “Social has become a core part of our business and is now our most efficient marketing channel. We generated over £2m of direct sales from social platforms in 2012 and over the past year we have seen a 122% increase in orders from social networks. With social, we’re also able to accurately track the value of socially engaged fans. Our research has shown that average revenue increases by 24% once an existing customer becomes a fan.” [via Guardian Tech]

>> Rentokil’s ‘Pestaurant’. Bizarre dishes, from salted ants to worms dipped in chocolate, were served at a pop-up restaurant in London this week reports The Evening Standard. The “pestaurant” opened for one day only as part of pest control firm Rentokil’s 85th birthday celebrations.


>>Three years after declaring the internet ‘over’, Prince joins Twitter (via @gordonmacmillan)

>> Russian Embassy Protest Makeover. Swedish rights advocates offered their colorful stance on Russia’s controversial anti-gay legislation. Activists gave a pedestrian crossing outside of the Russian embassy in Stockholm a rainbow makeover in protest of Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda” laws. [via Huffington Post]


  >> Vegetable Propaganda. You’ve Been Lied to About Carrots Your Whole Life Because of Nazis [via Gizmodo]

>> Single Topic Blog Of The Week > The Suits Of James Bond

>>  Check out this innocent-looking Police Telephone Box in Google Streetview (click on the double arrow) via @daveake

>> Woooo Tesco! Squeaky sliding doors inadvertently provide a cheery welcome for supermarket customers. (by John Schaer0

>> Hey Girl! With this Chrome extension every image on your internet instantly changes to Ryan Gosling.

>> Jeremy Paxman on the beard: “I’m finding it quite a heavy burden” [via The Drum]

>> LG unveil this stunning 70’s style TV design [via]


>> Twitter is becoming morally depopulated. We need radical, collective action to save it says Paul Mason

>> Yes! Someone made an online version of Etch A Sketch

>> Beckham, Messi and Mourinho sign for Farnborough FC . Mail Online Reports ‘David Beckham, Paul Gascoigne and Lionel Messi have been signed by Farnborough FC’. Confused? Following a sponsorship deal with bookmakers Paddy Power, the Farnborough squad and their coaching staff have legally changed their names to that of a legendary footballer in their respective positions.


>> McDonald’s branch plays CLASSICAL music at night to stop drunken fights

>> Technology explained ..[via @know]


>> Weird Japanese Sushi Commercial

>> Slow Down Dolly. Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ slowed down by 25%

>> A TV science-fiction fan who built what is being described as the ‘world’s first practical jetpack’, has been given permission to carry out manned test-flights. [via ABC]

prototype P12 Martin jetpack CREDIT Lee Howell

>> Great piece of street marketing by Newcastle Brown Ale in the USA (via Reddit)


>> Andy Warhol and Nico as Batman and Robin (1967) – via Retronaut


>> How The internet was marketed in 1997. Join The Jamisons as they learn how computers make learning fun. [via @thepoke]

>> 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

>> Entirely normal breakfast tip from Vogue (via @Emma_JaneMartin)


>> Nat Geo Shark Bus


>> How they extinguish truck fires in Canada

 >> Benedict Cumberbatch writes a note to paparazzi: “Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.”  (via @ellievhall)


>> Customer Service Award Of The Week. Man writes to Nestle claim his £10 Polo mint prize. (via Reddit)


they wrote back:



>> The Dutch website design company Amphora.interactive and creative agency THEY present BoooTube, a database that indexes the worst-rated videos of YouTube.

>> Amazon reveal their favourite funny reviews 

>> Topical Zoopla stunt

>> Hot-Dog Legs tumblr. Are they hot dogs or legs? Brilliant!

>>A cash-strapped Zoo in China has been forced to apologise after trying to pass off a dog as a lion! Along with a number of other pretend species included sea cucumbers pretending to be snakes and a pooch posing as a leopard! [via Daily Mail]

>> The internet went Breaking Bad Mad last week as a result of the new season. Any Breaking Bad fan will love these hidden easter eggs [via Buzzfeed]











>> Chris Stark strikes again…this time with Jennifer Aniston. Cheeky interview from the Radio 1 man!

>> Scottish folk visited Trafalgar Sq before the England game at Wembley and created a spectacle to say the least!

>> Vine of the week – After 10 viewings you still won’t understand what just happened!

>> LG promo event dubbed ‘World War G’ after 20 injured in Seoul, South Korea. Designed to promote the new G2 smartphone (rrp £550), the electronic giants aimed to give away handsets through vouchers which were attached to balloons. They challenged customers to bring down the balloons in any way they saw fit, which led to chaotic scenes as some customers brought pointed weapons and BB guns with them! Anarchy! [via The Independent]


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