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December 3, 2013

That Tuesday Thing [No. 18].

Weekly scoop of stuff sent through to our inboxes…

 PlayStation took over an ad break on Homeland on Sunday night with a nostalgic film to mark the release of the PlayStation 4. The console has shifted 2 million units worldwide in the past fortnight.

► Ever wondered what happens when you mix a GoPro with Lions and Hyenas? Well, have watch (via wimp)

► French Netflix creates coffee to keep you awake watching movies…forever! [via Design Taxi]

► Air New Zealand gets behind The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Air New Zealand revealed some amazing artwork on the side of a Boeing 777

boeing hobbit

► Great British diving champion Tom Daley announced that he was gay. A video showcasing true honesty and strategic control over the media!

► Harvey Nichols have released their Christmas ad – typically for them, it smacks in the face of this year’s nostalgic, warm and fluffy Christmas campaigns with a totally selfish message. Cue Twitter outrage and a load of coverage for Harvey Nicks.

► Gillian Anderson, of X Files fame, has donned her birthday suit to help support the Fishlove campaign against destructive fishing practices (via Mail Online)

Eel-y impressive: Gillian Anderson stripped off to lead stars posing with fish for the new Fishlove campaign

►The power of the selfie knows no bounds. Apparently it’s even relevant in the animal kingdom, with this eagle seizing the moment perfectly (via Mashable)


► New Nike advert shows Rory Mcllroy and Wayne Rooney showing off their quite considerable ball skills. Can you spot the cameo from a Brazilian legend?

► Cast of Downton Abbey provide waiting services at The Ivy in London (via Telegraph)

► Anchorman publicity run continues! Ron Burgundy presents local news to promote the upcoming release of Anchorman 2. Certainly worth a watch! (via NY Daily)

Anchorman Ron Burgundy, otherwise known as Will Ferrell, visited  KX News in Bismarck, North Dakota.

► If you can’t persuade them to buy your product, scare them into it. Warning: this scared the living daylights out of me! (via Metro)

► Amazon announced that they plan to deliver using drones. Waterstone’s responded with it’s own ridiculous delivery service idea! I mean the idea of drones is quite cool. Not Owls though are they?

Waterstones hits back at Amazon drones with owl delivery service

► Greenpeace advert starting Jim Carter draws attention to the issue of global warming. Heart wrenching angle on well told story (via Campaign Live)

► There is an app called ‘Face Crypt’ which secures your phone via a selfie!

► Genius move from Burger King. They made 64 different pre-roll ads to target users looking up specific videos ie animal attacks, screaming goats, Jimmy Fallon [via Brand Republic]

► Finally we’ve all wondered this…How Superheroes would look if they got fat on french fries [via Design Taxi]

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