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October 22, 2013

That Tuesday Thing [No. 12].

Our weekly round up of stuff that’s landed in our inboxes…

Here’s our brand new 2013 showreel

British Gas held a brave yet catastrophically terrible Q&A session with customers on twitter on the same day they announced huge 9.2% price hikes. David Cameron even urged unhappy consumers to boycott British Gas. [via Huffington Post]

ask bg 1

► Nice ambient ad for Thor


► Burberry chief Angela Ahrendts is set to join Apple. The placement of the Ms. Ahrendts is reportedly related to the development of Apple’s iWatch, in which the understanding of fashion is said to be as important as the technology itself.

► Buzzfeed articles minus gifs

Li-Fi technology can use lightbulbs to create high powered, ultra fast wireless network. There are limitations, however, the concept is definitely a next generation wi-fi idea which we would love to see [via Mashable]

► Thor actor Tom Hiddleston wowed the audience at a Korean television studio with an impressive dance routine, forcing people to flee the stage as he kicked over chairs.

► Boris took a helicopter ride over Hong Kong which sparked a very small internet meme which we absolutely loved…yet never really took off as well as we hoped [via Reddit]

boris ass

boris jurassic park

boris lion king

► The Mobo awards took place in Glasgow on the weekend with Wiley, Laura Mvula & Rudimental walked away with the top prizes [via Evening Times]

► Check out these incredible ‘Living movie stills’ [via Imgur]



Iron Man

Iron Man

► Viral of the week. Michael Jackson tribute by Ohio State marching band during half time break. Beautifully choreographed and a hit!

► James Wilson entered the record books by being the first person to complete a Rubik’s Cube whilst floating in an indoor skydiving tunnel. It took him just 3 minutes 16 seconds [via UPI]

A new Mr Man has been created to help raise awareness of cancer in line with Movember. Mr Mo, who looks very similar to Mr Happy, was exclusively unveiled by the Metro last week.

Movember -<> -  and one of their partners this year is the Mr Men franchise, who for this year's campaign are bringing out a special Mr Mo e-book, which launches on Amazon on Friday morning. The book costs £3, and 60p from every sale goes to Movember. The book is completely under wraps until then and we want to offer you images from the book as an exclusive for Friday's paper. We also have 100 physical copies of the book (these can't be bought anywhere) which we can give away to Metro readers. Attached are some images from the book, along with background info, a quote from Adam Hargreaves and a Q&A with Mr Mo himself. Mr Mo and his mate will be getting their own Mo Space & Team page on Monday 21st next week and on Tuesday 22nd Mr Mo will do a twitter takeover of the Movember feed.

At Red Bull Rampage, mountain biker Cam Zink made history by completing the biggest freeride mountain bike step-down backflip in history. Astonishing!

► To celebrate Ulster Bank Belfast Festival, Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodirguez-Gerada recreated a 6 year old girls face in an 11-acre field. It took 30,000 pegs and 4,000 tonnes of sand and soil to create the incredible feat [via BBC News]

“Yeah Baby” American news anchors spread the story that Austin Power’s star Mike Myers was expecting his second child by all saying exactly the same thing [via Bored Ninja]

► Check out Arnold Schwarzenegger re-enacting some famous lines from his movies. I’m patiently waiting on “Hasta La Vista, Baby” [via Mashable]

‘Shake ‘N’ Bacon Brew’ – Chef creates Beer Milkshake with Bacon-Infused Maple Syrup. The ultimate breakfast-shake! [via TIME]

Drinkaware found 46% of children between the age of 10-14 had seen their parents drunk [via Sky News]

► And finally… here are some halloween costumes we hope to see on pugs in an around west London next week….! [via Buzzfeed]

Doctor Pug

Doctor who Pugs.

Lord of the Pugs (absolute winner)

Lord of the Pugs.

Skrillex Pug

26 Costumes That Prove Pugs Always Win At Halloween


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