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October 15, 2013

That Tuesday Thing [No. 11].

Our weekly round up of stuff that’s landed in our inboxes…

► Billboard of the week. The Mail Online launches U.S marketing offensive.


► Why Facebook and Twitter are eyeing up a big slice of TV’s future

► Coca-Cola declares war on ‘grey’ landscape with pop-up park. The latest instalment in its global “Where will happiness strike next?” project, a video shows a Coke truck roll out a green park for people to enjoy. [via Marketing]

► Kanye West’s BBC interview with Zane Lowe was loaded with extraordinary claims, statements and trail-offs. It was only a matter of time before someone cut it up and flipped it into a track. [via NME]

Cuddly toys crammed into a slaughterhouse truck, will be creeping around New York’s meatpacking district for the next two weeks. Yep you guessed. Banksy.

► The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm. Let’s go on a tour of the anger factory.

► Canadian homeless charity campaign poster



A load of bulls! The ultimate test of manoeuvrability test from Volvo as a truck races through Spanish streets being chased by a herd of bulls

► Do you know know your shades of corporate blue?

►  Celebrities being people. Jay Z, Chris Martin and Timbaland surprised London Underground tube passengers on Saturday by taking the service to their concert at The O2. #keepingitreal #justlikeyouandme [via stage door]


► IKEA or Death Metal Band (

► Pet condom site launched – Nice hoax by the San Francisco SPCA to encourage pet owners to spray or neuter their pets.

'Pet condom website' launches

► Fascinating comeback by Paul Dacre in the Guardian

► KLM gave 300 kids a spectacular pre-screening of the new Disney film Planes on board a real airplane.

► You can create amazing 3D models….of yourself! Asda are trialling a service where you can create your own miniature detailed statues using a 3D printer in store in York.

Asda supermarket launches 3D printing service

► The Independent listed 100 sport stars who would have failed Jack Wilshere’s England test.

► Cost effective and creative design for Air France’s new on board cutlery will save them money as well as entertain passengers in the process. The cutlery can turn into a model plane! [via The Verge]


► The latest internet meme – #StarbucksDrakeHands. When seducing a girl, this is probably not the best method to use but certainly provides incredible results. Check out the parodies here [via Daily Mail]

► A £10.5 million renovation of a town centre has inadvertently caused injury to 20 people by creating an ‘optical illusion’ pavement [via Telegraph]

Pavement optical illusion injures 20 people

►  Incredibly powerful advertising tactics from Amnesty International 


► Blast from the past as Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock recreate the infamous giant keyboard scene from Big on the Jonathan Ross show

The US Army are designing revolutionary smart armour that would give humans Iron Man-esque superhuman strength [via BBC News]

► Have you ever wanted to talk to a plant and help it grow?  If so, check out this website

► And finally… Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster made a star appearance on Newsnight alongside Emily Maitlis.

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