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October 8, 2013

That Tuesday Thing [No.10].

A weekly scoop-up of things from our inboxes and social media feeds..

► One of the best stunts we’ve seen all year as a submarine seemingly broke through the surface of a street in the heart of Milan. The installation was created to promote Europ Assitance IT’s ‘Protect Your Life’ campaign. Smart, stunning, well executed and memorable!

Shattered: An unfortunately placed Smart car has been caught up in the chaos of the scene, with its wheels trapped by the buckled asphalt

► 1.26 Billion Facebook Profiles On One Page 

► The Cult Of Lego

►  Water Biking. It’s a thing.


► Sydney seminar assesses ‘internet addicition’ via @TheDrum

Viral Video Of The Week > What if telekinesis was real? How would you react? This is just brilliant.

► Two Taylor Herring viral vids for @blinkbox in the Marketing Week Top 10 ad chart for September. Amazing!

► Privy Council ‘set to reject’ newspaper industry’s proposals for press self-regulation

► Check out this giant cat sofa!


► Food landscapes photographer Carl Warner creates a brilliant Venetian landscape out of pasta and biscuits! [via Metro]

A true pasta-piece: Venice scene is good enough to eat

 Six giant Lotto balls were floated down the River Thames last week to launch the re-vamped National Lottery.


► Ground meat ain’t just for hamburgers, you know. It’s also for art.

► Steady Feathers : LG G2 – The most extreme camera ever

► Unusual work stations

Nissan Skyline painted with Heat sensitive color changing paint (like hypercolor t-shirts, but on a car)

► Japanese fragrance startup Scentee unveil an add-on device for smartphones designed to upgrade your dining experience by giving off a BBQ aroma.

Artist Alex Chinneck created the illusion of a sliding house in Margate, Kent [via The Inspiration]


► New laws in Belgium could mean that sick employee will have to receive a house visit from a doctor! No more hungover sickie days…! [via The Independent]

► So this is what science has come to: a four-legged robotic creature that can run up to 16 miles-per-hour on flat terrain. Terrifyingly cool, isn’t it? – [via The Daily What]

► Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) promotes the 2014 Durango in a series ads.

► Oh Mr D’Arcy: A Taylor Herring case study

Scarlett takes a tumble..! Scarlett Johansson fell over and naturally a photographer was around to capture the moment. The internet reacted with some incredible meme’s!


► A project launched on Kickstarter called Brewbot caught our attention this week. ‘Smart technology meets brewing. Now anyone can brew high quality craft beers using their smartphone.’

► There is a search engine which plants trees for you. Start using it and save the planet one search at a time –

► In last week’s issue we posted Marina Shifrin’s amazing viral video which acts as an open letter of resignation to her boss. Well her former employee and colleagues have responded!

Banksy has turned his attention to making YouTube videos.

SeeTickets respond to the abuse they received on Sunday morning after music fans faced tickets problems for Glastonbury, which sold out in a rapid 87 minutes!

The offending tweet from See Tickets (Picture: See Tickets/Twitter)

Danny Dyer announced on twitter that he was the new pub landlord of the Queen Vic in Eastenders. He’ll play Mick Carter and be a real ‘bloke’s bloke’ [via BBC News]

View image on Twitter


Hugh Jackman recognised one of his former pupils (yes he was a teacher before he became The Wolverine) at a red carpet event. What ensued was a brilliant interview!


 Silk Road, the internet’s largest black market site, was shut down and it’s founder arrested and charged with numerous counts of drug trafficking, money laundering and even a conspiracy to hire a hitman [via Buzzfeed]

► Sculptor Kieran Gormley created meat sculptures of iconic movie and video game characters out of ground beef and pork [via Design Taxi]


And finally…5 pranks to play on your friend’s iPhone!



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