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Strawberries and Cream, perfected.

Morrisons have enlisted the help of Dr Stuart Farrimond to discover the secret to achieving the perfect strawberries and cream.


According to The Telegraph, “scientists have calculated a formula for the perfect serving of strawberries and cream for maximum enjoyment. And fans of the desert will be delighted to learn that they must be eaten in under three minutes – two minutes and 50 seconds, to be precise – for optimum taste.”


For anyone that was worried, the ideal strawberries-to-cream weight ratio is 70:30.



Dr Farrimond said: “During our research, the most surprising finding was that strawberries get smaller when in cream.

“This shows that cream is not absorbed significantly into the strawberry, but that there is a net movement of fluid out of the strawberry – through osmosis – into the cream.”

Mmm strawberry science.


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