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Stairway to motivation.

Whether you’re a film fanatic, a boxing enthusiast or just someone with good taste, the Rocky franchise has got to be up there with the classics.

It’s also safe to say that any fan of the movies has found themselves, at some point or another, humming the iconic theme tune as they approach those final few steps of a lengthy staircase. With lactic acid slowly building in your muscles, a bead of sweat dripping from your forehead and a feeling of resentment towards that large burger and chips you chose for lunch, we all need that motivational push sometimes.

Enter Warner Brothers…

To promote Creed, the latest film in the series, commuters at Chancery Lane Station this morning were treated to a reception that Sly himself would approve of. When faced with the everyday decision of stairs or escalator (for most, hardly any debate at all), a sign saying “Take stairs for motivational surprise” was presented to them.

Those who chose to embark on (all 25 steps of) this heroic task were met with a brass instrument band playing the famous “Gonna fly now” by Bill Conti… Or as you and I would know it, “That tune from Rocky.”

This video has amassed over three thousand views in a day and has got everybody excited for the new Rocky sequel… Fair play Warner Brothers!


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