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Jellycat the bunny’s adventure.

This is Jellycat the bunny.


Jellycat was left in the Adare Manor Hotel by mistake at the start of the year. The tragedy was short lived though; as Jellycat quickly became the hotel’s most prominent guest. The staff spared no expense:

Pampering him.

Giving him guided tours.

And providing a complimentary massage. All while he waited for his owners to come back. Jellycat was in the Adare Manor Hotel for a few days before his family contacted the hotel and he began the journey home.

He’s now safe and sound after being treated like a king, and finding himself at the centre of an impromptu stroke of social media genius.

The story quickly went viral; with thousands of likes and shares on Facebook prompting the story to spread across the globe both on social and in mainstream news outlets.

Credit – Irish Examiner.


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