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Entrepreneur runs marathon in a suit.

Clothing entrepreneur Gihan Amarasiriwardena (Massachusetts, USA) has hit the headlines for running a half marathon in a suit.


His apparel company, Ministry Of Supply, specialises in creating garments with the structure of formal wear, but the breathability and moisture-wicking qualities of sportswear – reports Fast Company.

Amarasiriwardena had recently brought a new suit to the market and the marathon in Gloucester, Massachusetts provided the perfect opportunity for some extreme performance testing – and headline grabbing.


Amarasiriwardena, an avid athlete, began his training in trousers and a dress shirt, then gradually moved up to a full-on suit.

Amarasiriwardena ran in his company’s Aviator suit, complete with sunglasses and a tie, to finish ninth overall in 1:24:41 – a 6:29 per mile pace.’

According to the Washington Post his dapper appearance confused some fellow runners.

‘With his race bib pinned ever so discretely on the left jacket pocket, Amarasiriwardena would hear fellow racers yell, “Looking sharp!” or asking him if he was late to work on the way to the finish line.’

The publicity stunt landed valuable column inches for Ministry of Supply as well as delivering key messages about the product.



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