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Snowboarding in NYC.

Snow makes the roads far too hazardous for most. Ice everywhere and deep snow in places mean we’re always encouraged to stay indoors and only drive if absolutely necessary.

That leaves the roads empty; a blank canvas for entrepreneurial sorts to unleash creativity. That is exactly what Casey Neistat did with the help of a few friends.

The YouTuber clambered onto his snowboard, grabbed a handful of GoPros and attached himself to the back of a friends truck before being pulled around the snowy, picturesque streets of New York City.

The video is interspersed with footage from a drone that was following the group around the streets (which was a struggle in itself – you can watch the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video here) to document the scale of the operation.

A special mention goes out to the NYPD who said to the group “someone complained about you so we’re just gonna act like we’re talking to you.”

The footage has hit news channels all over the world and the video has almost 5 million views in little over a day, with the behind the scenes video amassing over 1 million views as well. A great stunt, brilliantly executed and getting the virality it deserves.


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