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Max Verstappen tackles a ski slope in Red Bull F1 car.

A F1 car is drives down an Austrian ski slope  – another attention grabbing spectacle from greatest marketers in Formula One.

Red Bull airlifted Max Verstappen’s car to a ski slope at Kitzbuhel, Austria (the site of the Hahnenkamm race later this month) – mechanics instal studded tires and snowchains and adjusted the ride height for the challenging terrain.

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The spectacle, attended by 3,500 people live and seen by almost a million online by now, was intended to “promote this year’s Austrian Grand Prix,” writes AutoWeek.

According to local Austrian news outlet Tiroler Tageszeitung, proceedings have been filed against Red Bull in response to the stunt, as the team doesn’t seem to have gotten their paperwork in order before unleashing Verstappen on the powder.

The $30,000 slap-on-the wrists fine has delivered a second round of media coverage and is well worth every cent.



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