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November 5, 2012

Red Stripe Make Session 5: Reel-To-Reel (LIVE).

LONDON, Monday 5th November 2012: Tonight Red Stripe’s fifth Boiler Room Make Session will be creating fireworks of its own by celebrating one of the freshest and most innovative radio stations out there – NTS, with a live reel to reel recording session.

Featuring sounds across two stages, Boiler Room will be showcasing more live performances than ever before.

All performances will be captured in a live reel to reel recording session and put onto an exclusive 12” vinyl which will become available at a later date. This will feature the best of each artist from the night.

With a poetic sound system from duo Insomniax, harmonious dub electronica from My Panda Shall Fly, and also experimental electronic and dreampop sounds from Paco Sala, the Make Sessions 005 will feature a wide range of musical performances in the biggest capacity Boiler Room ever.

They will be joined by sound and visual artist Graham Dunning who taps into a collage of rhyme and drone, and experimental soul, electonica, juke and pop duo Yola Fatoush.

Also performances from Temperatures, Helm, fos, Leanne Miller, NYX Chariot, 92 Points and NTS DJs.

NTS Founder Femi Adeyemi said: “The Boiler Room and Red Stripe Make Sessions have always been about experimenting and creating new sounds. With such a range of performance artists on the line up, we are really excited to be making this record with Boiler Room and Red Stripe. The live reel to reel recording session will capture the essence of the night in its truest form, so it can be experienced for more than just one night only.”

Make Session 005 is invite only, but can be viewed at


Twitter: @RedStripeLager #redstripe


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