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Publicity Stunt Parade.

Dozens of household brands have invested creative license in the annual April 1, PR stunt parade.

Here’s how Fleet Street performed in today’s April Fools Day tournament…

nefertiti1The Independent say Egyptian queen Nefertiti had a cosmetic surgery. Scientific researchers say they have established that her limestone bust appears to have been given a facelift. Call it ancient world Botox.

Capitalising on the recent expenses scandal the Daily Mail has a photoshop of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith walking out of a branch of sex shop Ann Summers.

The Economist is launching a theme park as ‘part of the wider diversification of its business’.

The Guardian reports that it will become the first newspaper in the world to be published exclusively on Twitter. The move will see all of the paper’s content tailored to fit the format of Twitter’s 140-character text messages.

invisible-carThe Daily Express say that a British inventor has created an invisible car to allow motorists to beat speed cameras.

The Sun tells readers that England fans will have to stand through the world’s longest national anthem – at six and a half minutes – before the World Cup qualifier against Ukraine.

Tartan Sheep - Ewe won't believe your eyes (No it's not an April Fool)The Times features a photograph of a tartan sheep.

The Daily Telegraph claim that harnessing the power of fish swimming through a river could hold the key to meeting Britain’s future electricity needs. It claims Université de Poisson d’Avril in Paris is responsible for trialling the project. Poisson D’ Avril is a French April Fools Day tradition, which involves kids attempting to attach a paper fish to a victim’s back without being noticed.

Other highlights include;

Vodka brand, Russian Standard has created the world’s first ‘lickvert’ (vodka dipped advert).

BMW announce their Magnetic Tow Technology with a series of adverts. “The unique system, developed in conjunction with NASA, works via a discreet unit located in the front valance that projects an enhanced magnetic beam 20 metres in front of the BMW. Once a suitable target car is located and the BMW is magnetically locked on behind it, the driver is then able to take his foot off the accelerator, turn off the engine and let the car in front do all the work. The towing car will not notice any change in manoeuvrability.”

virgin-activeVirgin Active are trialling an ‘animal only’ gym. The move comes off the back of increasing concerns that UK pet owners could be responsible for a worrying epidemic of over-sized animals, ranging from dogs and cats to hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits and budgies.

Anchor Butter say Google Street View techonology has captured their cows roaming across London – which is spoiling plans for a new TV advert.

Waitrose boasted of exclusively stocking pinanas, a pineapple/banana hybrid.

walkersWalkers claim the brand will be testing ‘Ready Silent’ quiet crisps in cinemas today. Walkers say the ‘Ready Silent Cri-sshhp’ uses technology that guarantees the same flavour and crunchiness, except it comes already crushed. James Stillman, head of R&D, said: ‘It does come with a plastic serving spoon.

Car polish brand Turtle Wax has created a viral pretending they have improved its CSR poision by ending its battery turtle farming practices.

PD*27874715And finally introducing the ‘hotelicopter‘ the world’s first flying hotel in a converted helicopter. A viral stunt for Yotel.

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