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June 16, 2015

Pornhub to ‘sexplore’ the universe.

Star Trek, Alien, Apollo 13… These are generally the sort of titles that spring to mind when listing space Blockbusters. However, Pornhub is attempting to mix up the norm with a new crowdfunding stunt to fund a porn film shot in space (puns on a postcard please).


An Indiegogo campaign, launched by the video sharing site, aims to obtain $3.4m (£2.20m) to transport two ‘adult icons’, Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia, via shuttle, into the ether – joined by crew and production equipment.

Rumour has it, Pornhub itself will fork out the needed funds for pre- and post-production costs, as well as marketing and distribution.

However, in keeping with the crowdfunding norm, funders are offered prizes in relation to how much they donate. Big spenders donating $150,000 will win one of the spacesuits worn by the actors…

Which begs the question – how much does it cost to dry clean a spacesuit?

Image (c) PornHub


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