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Café Pelé uses yawns to sell coffee.

It’s well-known that yawns are contagious, but this has never been used to sell coffee before! The world’s first contagious billboard has been created at a subway station in São Paulo, by Brazilian coffee brand, Café Pelé.

They introduced a ‘yawning billboard’ to tire Brazilian commuters, as 70% of people yawn when they see someone else yawn.


The billboard uses motion sensors to detect when someone walks past, then displays a video of someone yawning.

Conveniently, waitresses then appear with ‘the cure’ to this yawning epidemic – trays of Café Pelé coffee to hand out to the sleepy commuters.

Be warned, this video will leave you yawning and with a severe caffeine craving!

Image/Video (c) Café Pelé.


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