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Pills to cure first world problems.

You know those monstrous times when you cut your finger on an avocado pip, or spill sparking water over yourself, or horror of horrors, forget to store your fresh coffee in the fridge and it goes…..stale!?

Well, thankfully, you needn’t worry any more, as a cure has been discovered! First world problems are soon to be a thing of the past.

(well….sort of)


In an inventive campaign launched by the Dutch AIDS Foundation, placebo pills, sporting names such as “Grow Some Balls” and “Always Super Wifi”, are being sold as ‘cures’ for first world problems, and whilst they may not actually offer an unshakable internet connection, they do provide funding for medical supplies for AIDS.

Freek Bartles, an ambassador for the charity, described this unique campaign as “a wink, but it’s a very serious problem for us”. The Foundation aims to make AIDS a First World Problem by connecting trivial matters to very real medical and social issues.


The campaign has proven hugely successful, with the reception area of the charity becoming a pop-up store and the pills being made available online for the international market. One tourist handed over 100 euros as he loved the idea so much and the witty packaging has made the pills a popular choice for gifts.

Images (c) Bart Robert Vos for Aids Fonds


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