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New junk food cafe is all too true to its namesake.

Mmm junk food.

Two women, fed up with waste, have opened a new restaurant in Liverpool which only uses ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away.

Inspired by a similar cafe which previously opened in Leeds, 23 year old Gabby Holmes and Natalie Crean came up with the idea after having been outraged that a whopping 35% of food ends up in bins.


This social concept cafe serves up some surprisingly tasty recipes, ranging from hearty stews and bacon butties, to soups and puddings, all of which are added to the menu on the day – in a Ready, Steady, Cook style (a lost art some would say).

Gaby said: “I realised how much food rich economies waste after travelling round Asia and seeing how resourceful they were.

“It’s absurd that millions of people are starving and millions of food items ends up in the bin.”


“The cafe is more of a community hub; a social place where people can come and chat.”

Shaw Street’s The Real Junk Food Cafe is open Saturdays: 10am-5pm, and Sundays: 11am-4pm.

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