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Fans of artsy food pictures rejoice!  If you’ve ever felt any shame in taking snaps of your scallops or photoshopping your porridge, know that your camera phone is always welcome at Catit – an innovative, Instagram-friendly restaurant in Tel Aviv.

The trendy eatery has become the first restaurant to base its menu around ‘foodography’ and the optimum conditions for Instagram salivating.


The brainchild of Israel’s Carmel Winery and the creation of head chef Meir Adoni, diners are treated to a five course set menu of Michelin-sized servings; each fully colour-coordinated and complete with their own back-drop and lighting.

The gourmet cuisine is served on ceramics designed by artist Adi Nissani, whose curved dishes have been created with the perfect picture in mind.  One such dish even spins 360 degrees so you can see what your food looks like from every angle.

What’s more, Catit provide adjustable phone stands so you don’t even need that old-fashioned ‘photographer’s steady hand’.  Just bring your camera phone – and preferably an appetite…


On the menu: veal sweetbreads with yoghurt and Persian lemon crème, and duck liver served with crispy prunes and Cabernet Sauvignon marmalade.

Never again will your glaze have a glare, your duck appear distorted.  But do please savour the flavour folks; the experience costs £100 per hour!



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