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Paranormal Britain Revealed.

Supernatural activity over the past 25 years documented in the Fringe Weird Report

Big cats, ghosts, aliens and a host of unexplained supernatural phenomena are revealed today in the Fringe Weird Report – a comprehensive study into paranormal activity in the UK over the past 25 years.


The UK’s Fringe Weird Report was specially commissioned to celebrate the release of Fringe Season 1 on DVD on 28th September and focuses upon paranormal occurrences which have been reported to the police and leading paranormal organisations in the UK over the last 25 years.

The extensive research, conducted by the UK’s leading authority on the unexplained, Lionel Fanthorpe, included studying multiple archives, police reports, published reports and interviews with a number of ex police officers.

The report found that UFOs are the most commonly reported cases of paranormal activity in the UK, with the majority taking place in Yorkshire, closely followed by general phantoms* scaring people in Kent and werewolves prowling around Staffordshire.

There have been over 250 reported cases of spooky occurrences and UFO sightings, ranging from a phantom hitch hiker who actually gets into motorists cars in Somerset, a time slip road in Lancashire where people find themselves back into the 1940s and the case of Bill Ramsey, who behaved like a crazed werewolf just after midnight and flew at police officers in Southend police station.

UFOs have been the most widely reported case of paranormal activity with 109 reports made across the UK. One of the most well know sightings took place in Scotland in January 1986, when two police officers saw an orange / red UFO travelling at slow speed and appeared to fall to the ground. They described the object as resembling a flying clothes pole.

The second most reported types of paranormal activity are general phantoms (also defined as ghosts or apparitions) with 50 reports including seven ghosts of policemen, a phantom monk, as well as a number of ghostly human shapes and medieval figures.

Official Reports of Spooky Sightings in the UK in the past 25 years:

1. UFO’s 109
2. General Phantoms 50
3. Werewolf Sightings 21
4. Road Phantoms 17
5. Strange Sounds 12
6. Crop Circles 5
7. Poltergeists 4
8. Big Cats 4
9. Time Slips 1
10. Big Dogs 1

There have been 21 reported cases of werewolf sightings, with the Cannock Chase werewolf in Staffordshire being the most renowned, securing them the number three position. A respected Midlands paranormal group was called in to investigate into the reports and several of the members claimed that they saw the creature spring up onto its hind legs and run into the nearby bushes.

Road phantoms are the fourth most reported about paranormal beings and there have been 17 cases of them scaring motorists repeatedly over the years. One of the most documented is that of a young girl who has been spotted wandering down the Kent, Caterham Bypass.

In at number five are strange sounds, with 12 being reported, including footsteps and sounds of movement in empty buildings. There have also been five official reports of crop circles, with Wiltshire being the most likely place where you will come across one. There have been four reports of poltergeists terrorising people’s homes, plus four accounts of big cats roaming the woods of Leicester, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Some of the more bizarre reports the police have been called to investigate include, the trail of steps from the one-legged ghost of a priest, the trail of wet ghostly prints and even a ghostly toilet flushing.

The study reveals that some areas are much more prone to Supernatural activity than others, with Yorkshire being the most likely place you will see a UFO and Kent the most likely place you will come in contact with other paranormal beings such as general phantoms, poltergeists and road phantoms. Dorset has the highest number of railway ghosts and London hosts the only haunted airport, Heathrow, where a passenger claimed to have encountered the famous ghost of Dick Turpin.


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