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October 1, 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum: The Reviews.

computer-games-pr The Sun
‘Arkham Asylum is the benchmark against which all other releases will be measured’ êêêêê

The Independent
‘This is not just the finest Batman game ever but an outstanding Batman action adventure’ êêêêê

Daily Record
‘Arkham Asylum is a game which does Gotham’s finest proud’ êêêêê

‘The best Batman movie never made, Arkham Asylum is an electrifying piece of software that deserves praise for its production values’ êêêê

The Mirror
‘Batman: Arkham Asylum rates up there as the most amazing production I’ve seen for this console generation’ êêêêê

Total Film
‘Combined with intelligent game design, it makes for the best game of the year so far’ êêêêê

The Guardian
‘Arkham Asylum is comfortably the best Batman game yet and arguably the best use of comic franchise’ êêêêê

Daily Mail
‘Inventive, intelligent, and exceedingly involving, it is a hot favourite for game of the year and an essential addition to any collection.’ êêêêê

News of the World
‘Best superhero game ever’

‘A welcome addition to the usual glut of comic-book spin-offs that takes gameplay to a new level’

‘Certainly the best Batman game ever made and, so far a riveting and stylish third person adventures in its own right, Batman: Arkham Asylum has been well worth the wait…’

‘This is comfortably the best Batman videogame in existence’

‘With only gadgets, his fists and bone-crunching close quarters for company, this is easily the best Batman game ever made!’ êêêê

the London Paper
‘It’s the greatest superhero game ever – and yes, one of the year’s stone-cold-must-buys’


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