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March 26, 2015

OK Go! venture into the furniture trade….

American band OK Go!, who shot to fame with their innovative use of treadmills in the video for their song “Here it Goes Again”, have now seemingly moved into the furniture business!

Using the furniture of the Chinese Brand Red Star Macalline, they have created a weird new commercial which has catapulted the brand into the international spotlight.

Although celebs such as Brad Pitt and Jackie Chan have previously been mocked for ‘selling out’ for participating in famously terrible commercials, Ok Go! enjoyed having creative control of the project.

“Because sometimes you just make what you want,” the band wrote in the description, and what they wanted to make was a bold and trippy advert which has viewers dancing on their walls and ceilings.

With over 200,000 youtube hits since its release, the youtube community definitely seems impressed:


Well Erinmcmom, they’re selling furniture, so be prepared to empty your purse!

The band also filmed an intro video to the advert which combined their quirky sense of humour with some poorly dubbed Mandarin lingo.

Shamelessly trend setting, the band tweeted:


Well done Ok Go! Your ad was SO guò yǐn!

Videos (c) OK Go!


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