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June 4, 2016

Nissan decorates donuts with a drifting sports car.

Thanks to PR it seems that just about everything has a day dedicated to it. You may not have heard about it, but Friday was National Doughnut Day. Nissan used this to their advantage by coming up with a unique way of applying sprinkles to their doughnuts. They harnessed the 350 horsepower of the 370Z NISMO. As it ‘donutted’ around the studio, it created a spray of hundreds and thousands that covered everything in its wake. Behind the wheel was Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg.

The Video started with a Nigella-esque, “how to glaze your doughnuts” tutorial delivered by an energetic blonde. She first dips the doughnuts in glaze, then says; “and now for the best part; covering them in sprinkles”, at which point the 370Z NISMO drifts into shot churning up the 2,800lb sea of sprinkles that covered the studio.

It took 15 passes of the studio to complete the job, but after no time at all the 325 doughnuts were ready to be consumed (as long as the consumer doesn’t object to the taste of burnt rubber). The extras in the video seemed to enjoy the doughnuts, however, they obviously weren’t a tough crowd as their grins didn’t falter throughout, even when the doughnuts were fired at their faces.

National Doughnut Day is sure to be a joyous occasion for all, unless maybe, you were the poor sod that had to clean the studio after this stunt.


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