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September 22, 2012

How we helped The Poke deliver 1.7 Million YouTube views and a Top 40 chart hit.

Taylor Herring have been working alongside Britain’s biggest comedy destination The Poke since the site launched 2 years ago.

During this time we have helped them build a following of 100,000 fans across Facebook and Twitter.

As the company prepares to launch their new YouTube channel we launched the biggest viral mash-up hit of the year – an autotuned version of  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s tuition fees apology speech.

Our social media team delivered over 1.7 Million hits for the YouTube sensation and propelled the single into the top 40 iTunes download chart.

In line with the growth of the social media fanbase – the site now delivers over 7 Million page impressions a month to an audience of 2 million unique users

Here’s some of the TV coverage highlights.

Clegg gave consent for the video to be released as a charity single following a huge response on Twitter.



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