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NEWSFLASH: Londoners aren’t that horrible..

It turns out that Londoners have been getting a bit of a bad rap. Long presumed to be rude and miserable, a new video shows that we aren’t as horrible as everyone thinks – promise!

The video, created by Action Productions, a creative agency that aims to create positive social change, shows actors getting into a spot of bother – a test to see whether Londoners would lend a helping hand.

In each case the passer-by who steps in to help is rewarded for their kindness by being serenaded by an undercover acapella choir, armed with the perfect song for each occasion, giving everyone that extra warm and fuzzy feeling.

Turns out being nice can be rewarding, so remember that and keep your fingers crossed for a singing flash-mob next time you carry out a random act of kindness.

Video (c) Action Productions


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