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Hospital ward becomes a Rugby World Cup themed bar.

“England are going for the corner.”

The words of the Rugby commentators echoed around pubs and homes on Saturday as Welsh and English fans hid behind furniture/hands/other fans and gnawed on the nervous mess where their fingernails used to be.

“Thrown in. Caught! But here comes the drive from Wales and…. it’s into touch!!”

Cheers reverberated around the UK as Welsh (and no doubt Scottish and Irish) fans bellowed their support of one of the greatest moments in Welsh Rugby History.

Cheers, too, came from patients in Ward 18 in the Prince of Wales Hospital in Bridgend where a day room has been redecorated into the style of a pub. The patients, many of whom have dementia, have been treated to a true rugby experience, complete with a replica beer pump donated by one of the hospitals many supporters, and while the beer pump might not work, the homely environment is designed to give patients a bit of the World Cup buzz.

Should Wales go all the way then this bar might just become a permanent fixture.

Picture (C) Wales Online


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