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Fish-Enhancing Hands.


You’ve caught a fish.

After hours of standing on a river bank, wondering if there could be more to life than this feeling of lonely anguish, finally, you’ve done it. The glory! The pride! The selfie. Reel it in. Carefully. This is going to be good. This is going to be…

The smallest fish you’ve ever seen.

But fear not young angler, all is not lost! Danish design company MOEF want you to “Exploit the power of perspective!” with their innovative, and completely necessary product: FishyHands.

What is it? Two small hands on ‘reacher grabbers’.

But why? Because size doesn’t matter OK?!

Originally pitched as an April Fool’s joke, it quickly went viral, and the company has now taken to Kickstarter to test the water for its perspective-altering pincers.

“Your chance to boast will never again need to depend on size” promises MOEF – because these FishyHands have more uses than simply enlarging the size of a fish.

Bananas, coffee mugs or telephones, can too, look massive…


Images (c) MOEF


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