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September 8, 2015

Dear Apple, Please Call it the iPhone 7.

Ready to chuck out your ‘past it’ iPhone 6 for the highly anticipated arrival of the ever-so-slightly-different 6S?

Of course you are! – unless you’re 6S Marketing of course…who really don’t like the all-too-familiar new phone’s name.

So much so, they’re pleading with tech giant to break with tradition by skipping ‘6S’ and jumping straight to ‘7’.


In terms of writing an open letter, it doesn’t really get more public than this.

In a clever stunt on the very public streets of New York City, 6S Marketing have installed a huge ad which reads “Dear Apple, Please call it the iPhone 7. Sincerely, 6S Marketing”.

This quirky ploy has appeared in Times Square and outside the Manhattan Apple Store.



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