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September 15, 2015

New Jaguar accelerates into the record books..

In celebration of its 80th year, Jaguar has unveiled its new model the F-PACE, and what better way to show it off than performing the world’s largest ever loop-the-loop?

Jaguar 80

At 19.08 metres tall, the loop was roughly the same size as a ferris wheel and was designed to show off the company’s new ‘family’ sports car’s, which they hope will put the sex-appeal back into the school run with its powerful and lightweight design.

Jaguar loop

The gravity-defying feat was performed by stunt driver Terry Grant, ahead of the prestigious Frankfurt motor show, and saw him withstand extreme forces of 6.5G, six and a half times normal gravity, which is greater than that experienced by space shuttle pilots during take-off.

In order to train for the stunt, the driver had to undertake two months of intense physical training and eat a special diet, whilst a team made up of structural engineers, mathematicians and safety experts calculated all the precise physics, angles, speeds and dimensions to ensure that the record would be broken.

Images (c) Getty Images for Jaguar

Video  (c) Jaguar


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