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February 1, 2016

Netflix and Chill.

It seems the internet went crazy last year (well… crazier than usual) for the “Netflix and chill” phenomenon. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an innocent excuse to ask a potential “booty-call” (Wikipedia’s words, not ours) to come over… Subtle, right?


From memes to customised t-shirts, everybody’s gotten involved in the craze and Netflix are, understandably, over the moon (even if the whole idea is that you don’t actually end up watching what’s being streamed).

One Airbnb in New York, however, has changed the game forever…


That’s right… For a relatively modest $400, you can now take your “Netflix and Chill” escapades on the road! The collaboration between Tom Galle and Art404 sought to “Bring the ‘Netflix and Chill meme’ to life and offer it as an IRL experience that people can rent for a night”.

The room comes equipped with an original “Netflix and Chill” bed, a fully stacked mini bar (with all the inebriating goodies one would hope to find in there), a HD projector with Netflix and AppleTV, surround sound speakers by the bed and mood-setting candles on the windowsill. As if that’s not enough though, guests can take their experience to the next level (literally) with access to a romantic roof-top for wine, dinner or some “Sunset and chill”.

The room has gotten a lot of online coverage for an already flourishing brand and with unique ideas like this, no wonder! Well played Tom Galle (and Art404), we’re fully behind you on this one.


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