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Marmite spread the love in twitter pop up café.

The nation’s most divisive condiment is teaming up with London’s Soho Grind Café for the launch of their new ‘lighter Marmite’ by charging customers based on how complimentary their social media is.


Fans of the opinion-splitting spread will be asked for their twitter handle when ordering a slice or a cheese toastie, before subsequent judgement by a ‘love-o-meter’ will determine if the customer loves it or hates it.


Unlucky haters will be required to pay full price, whilst those labelled as lovers get to enjoy their toasted treat, along with a Soho Grind coffee, absolutely FREE!


Whether you love it or hate it, you can at yeast admit that this is a smart stunt!

Images (C) Grindandco, Marmite



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