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Luxurious loo for Wimbledon queue.

So. You’ve pulled a sickie (or been terribly honest and actually taken the day off). You woke up at silly o’clock this morning, strawberries and Pimms in tow, and now you’re mid-queue outside Wimbledon. This is it. Murray vs Federer. You vs your bladder.

For many an uber-fan this is a test of mental (and physical) strength. Stay in the queue and risk an unfortunate accident; leave the queue and risk losing your chance to see Murray!

DILEMMA. Or is it…

Bathstore's QLoo complete with ball boys and girls

Introducing the ‘QLoo’ – Bathstore’s ultimate portaloo experience.

Fully upholstered in astroturf and complete with live match commentary, the tennis-themed throne also boasts the scent of strawberries and cream (definitely could be worse).

And the fear of leaving your hard earned place in the queue has also expertly been taken care of, as the QLoo comes with ball boys and girls who hold your place whilst you’re… busy.

Image (c) Event Magazine


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