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Stephen Fry’s British Culture guide.

Each day thousands of tourists fly into Heathrow, ready to start taking in the sights and sounds of good old Blighty. However, post-arrival, tourists find themselves faced with the weird and wonderful British culture… AKA the mine field of polite double meanings, self-deprecation and queues.

Luckily for all of us Stephan Fry, an icon of true British etiquette, has teamed up with Heathrow airport to provide a quick and informative guide on how to react in these daily situations.


From what to do when a British person engages you with their ‘legendary’ ability for small talk (let’s face it, this will most likely be about the weather), to how to react when someone drops a glass or plate in a restaurant (WHEEEYY…no?).

Above everything else, Stephen wants everyone visiting the UK to feel at home and with the use of this handy step by step guide to winning over the British, they surely will!

Just remember – if in doubt – apologise.

Image / Video (c) Heathrow Airport


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