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Ikea renames products with solutions to relationship problems.

Let’s face it, we all love Ikea – and Ikea have proved that they love us back with their new marketing campaign ‘Retail Therapy’. I’m sure you have at least one piece of Ikea furniture in your house, maybe you have a sofa you’re attached to or a coffee table which suits your mug perfectly. The Swedish home furniture shop Ikea has renamed solution products after the most common Google searches about relationship advice. How comforting!

Everyone runs to Google when there’s an issue, big or small. Sore throat? Google… Can’t find your nearest Sub Way? Google… Google is everyone’s best friend! Move aside Jeremy Kyle, apparently people go to Google for Relationship advice as well. Frequently searched problems are being transformed into great pieces of, erm… furniture. ‘She gives me mixed signals’ (now a fantastic bunk bed) and ‘how long is a stomach bug contagious for’ (now a useful white toilet brush).




Fancy buying a ‘he doesn’t text me back’ USB Charger or a ‘dating three at once’ wireless pad? Ikea’s products are inspired by the ‘real world’. The hilarious campaign was a complete success as many people were amused, as people took to Twitter to express how they felt about the campaign. The clever campaign will push product ads to the top of search engines.


The campaign has proved it’s worth already; if your dad is allergic to furry animals, you can always buy a ‘my dad is allergic to furry animals’ soft toy dog instead of a real dog. The soft toy dog will be much cheaper to feed and every dad wants a soft toy dog for Christmas… We are pretty sure the ‘he doesn’t close the door’ scented candle is going to sell out super-fast. At least Ikea will make the heartbroken people asking Doctor Google for advice happy. Shop the solutions now:


You can watch the video for the campaign below:


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