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August 13, 2015

iCracked create a Butterfingers’ Haven.

It’s happened to us all. A few drinks down at the bar. You get your phone out to take a selfie and the unthinkable happens. Your phone slips from your hand, the screen smashes and you’re stuck picking glass out your thumb for the rest of the night.

Not the kind of cracking night you were hoping for.


iCracked, an iPhone repair service understands your plight. For one night only, those of you who are more accident prone can breathe easy while enjoying some drinks in the ‘world’s safest bar’.

Taking the phrase ‘pop’-up to a whole new level, the bar will be covered in bubble wrap and foam to prevent any accidents, as well as the drinks being served in glasses too narrow for a phone to fall in. Soft drinks will be free as your phone will be in less danger if you’re a teetotaller.


A Covent Garden location has been selected, due to findings from iCracked’s research which shows that more people request phone repairs from Central London than anywhere else in the city. Customers can pop in between 6pm – 10pm today – Thursday 13th August for some popping fun!

Not only that, but guests who visit with a broken phone are in with a chance to have their phone fixed for free.

Let’s hope they don’t manage to break it on the way home!

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