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September 15, 2016

Heinz’s Cup Song.

Inspired by the 2012 film, Pitch Perfect, Heinz has generated a storm in social media this month with their own version of the ‘Cup Song’. This song famously performed by Anna Kendrick features tapping, clapping and rotating a pen pot to create the rhythm of the song as she sings.

In Heinz’s advert, instead of a pen pot- they encourage you to use an empty can of Heinz baked beans. After a brief safety warning of sticking black tape around the sharp top of the can, the song about the love baked beans can give you, begins, all set with lyrics on screen in case you fancy singing along to your tapping.

The advert takes us through all walks of life, showing how anyone could- if they wanted- take part in the #CanSong just like anyone can enjoy a can of beans.

So is the Cup Song craze set for a comeback? Quite possibly.  Heinz has cleverly created fun out of nothing but a baked bean can, which you would otherwise have thought had diminishing options of excitement.

We all secretly want to see whether we can master the seemingly basic technique of ‘throw, scrape, tap, pat, flip, tap, pat, pat, tap, spin, knock, knock, knock’. But trying it out on my desk proved it involves a lot more co- ordination than first imagined…!


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