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TV PR: Fleshmob Promote The Naked Office.

LONDON, Tuesday 18th May 2010: FOUR daring individuals managed to liven what would have been just another dull commute yesterday by travelling naked on the London Underground.

naked on the london underground

The foursome, who covered their modesty with handbags and briefcases, attracted stares and gasps but acted as if the nothing was out of the ordinary

naked commuters

The stunt (produced by Taylor Herring) promotes a new TV series, The Naked Office, that shows workers at struggling companies trying to turn their businesses around.

The show which starts tonight at 9pm on Virgin 1 attempts to help six businesses get back on track by stripping away their problems using a revolutionary approach – going to work stark naked.

the naked office

With the recession still in full swing and companies fighting to stay afloat, the series investigates whether working naked will help employees to break down relationship boundaries by increasing positivity and productivity and explore whether flashing the flesh is the ultimate office equalizer.

Dress down Fridays will never be the same again!


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