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June 23, 2010

10 years of festival and clubbing lingo.

The UK’s premier dance festival, GlobalGathering, will be celebrating its tenth year this summer with its most spectacular production to date – the festival canvassed festival goers to provide an overview of some of the wittiest clubbing and festival slang spanning their 10 year history…

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• Monkey juggler- the lone festival dancer, dancing wildly to a rhythm only he can hear

• Camp Tramp – he hasn’t washed, hasn’t changed his clothes for three days and now here he is, beggin for ciggys

• The tent commandment – thou shalt not leave the putting up of thy tent until 3 in the morning

• Trespassing out – passing out in a tent that is not your own. You don’t know how you got there. You don’t know who these people next to you are….

• The Ejector Selector – bouncer

• Tesco disco – club where everybody’s ‘stacking the shelves’

• Doomcore – very dark techno genre – often played at clubs with names like ‘3rd World War’

• Shape Shifter – particularly bad dancer – no particular style

• Keeping it Tidy – keeping yourself nice and not ‘losing it’ in a club

• Luft-wafter – a topless German techno enthusiast with body odour issues

• Mum ‘n’ Bass – a woman of advanced years still giving it large on the dancefloor

• Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box – popular early rave dance

• Shed – a new music style- somewhere between house and garage

• All gone Pete Tong – everything’s gone wrong

• All tong gone Pete Wrong – everything’s gone very, very wrong indeed

• Its All Gravy – everything is cool

• Beefa – Ibiza

• Neckless wonder – bouncer

• Moon-burnt – pale from too much clubbing

• A bit chish and fips – a confused state

• Ounce-bouncer – fat dancer

• The Crapocalypse – when you enter a festival/club toilet, desperate, only to find it unbelievable filthy and without any paper

• Rave flu – popular affliction affecting the hardcore clubber and the cause of many Mondays off work

• Giving it ‘shaggy’ – adopting the expression and refrain of Jamaican popstar Shaggy when a bouncer has smelled a cigarette and is searching around you – “it wasn’t me”

• Hooves – decent speakers; “they hoof it”

• Dibble – those who confiscate hooves

• Nice one – party without dibble

• Golden Hour – An hour before the club closes, best chance to pull

• Dance-apella: A dance performed without music. Usually absent-mindedly, or to burn off excess energy.

• Deja-moo: The feeling you’ve seen that cow somewhere before at another rave.

• Disco nap: Going to sleep one or two hours before a big night of clubbing.

• On a mission – a trip to the shops to buy food at 4am – usually preceeded by an hour long debate on who will undertake the ‘mission’

Credit: The UK’s premier dance festival, GlobalGathering, will be celebrating its tenth year this summer with its most spectacular production to date. Taking place in Stratford-upon-Avon on the 30th and 31st July, the festival is proud to announce seminal dance legends Faithless and hip-hop impresario Dizzee Rascal as headline acts on the tenth anniversary bill.

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