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Changing rooms become a thing of the past with Superdry.

Have you ever found yourself put off by queues to try on clothes in shops, and ended up leaving empty-handed? Or have you fallen in love with a garment, only to be dismayed to find that they haven’t got your size? Well these problems will soon become a thing of the past, as Superdry have created a mirror which allows shoppers to try on their new winter collection, significantly, without having to take anything off.


The ‘smart mirror’ has been installed at Superdry’s flagship store in Berlin, and works by having customers stand in front of it. Users only have to make swiping gestures to see their computer character try on different items of clothing, whilst any other movement made by the user is mirrored by the on-screen character to show customers how the garment fits and moves.


When not in use, the mirror moulds back into the store’s design.

Pat Fahy of Seymourpowel said about the campaign that: “We’ve designed the smart mirror to stop shoppers in their tracks with an engaging, fun and highly interactive experience that brings them closer to the Superdry brand and products.”

Could Superdry have stumbled upon the future of shopping?

– @katiemallion


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