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Cancer Research UK installs “Smart Benches” to accept contactless donations.


Cancer Research have made donating even easier than before with the installation of 10 “Smart Benches” to coincide with World Cancer Day on the 4th February. The contactless system employed with the benches will allow its users to donate £2 to the cause with just a touch of their phone, debit or credit card.

Michael Docherty, Director of digital at Cancer Research UK said, “These Smart Benches seemed like the next step in our use of contactless technology to bring charitable giving closer to our supporters, integrating it seamlessly into cutting-edge street furniture”.

cruk-contactless-bench-2By the end of this month a further 10 are due to be fitted for public use with the hopes that come 2018 there will be a total of 100 in service.

For now the benches are only available in the London boroughs of Islington and Lewisham; however if the campaign is a success it is likely that more will be rolled out to other areas in the future.

– Gfpvincent91


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