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The Sun logo gets a special one off redesign by famous artist David Hockney.


Tomorrow, if you read The Sun, you may notice that something is slightly different from the norm. On every edition of tomorrow’s paper, for one day only, they have commissioned a very special logo redesign from renowned artist David Hockney.

The iconic design itself has been largely left alone, as the iconic red background and white font is still very much present and unaltered. Instead the famous artist has put his own embellishments layered over the top of the original design using a simple IPad app. The inspiration behind the added doodles needs little guesswork; in the top left hand corner Hockney has designed an intentionally crude sun, its rays reaching down to the lettering with added shadowing underneath. On his thought process behind the creative choices of the piece Hockney remarked, “I was delighted to be asked. Once I thought about the idea it didn’t take me long. The sun and The Sun. I love it.”


Known for his comparative landscape paintings from the sunny countryside of his Yorkshire town to the LA suburbs, this particular commission is certainly a different direction for the artist. When asked why he agreed to such a request from the paper he is said to have answered that it was because of the Sun’s iconic British status within our society.


Tomorrow’s edition will also feature a special in-depth interview with the artist; a first for the national paper. The interview itself is said to feature notes on Hockney’s approaching 80th birthday and how he is still a “rebel” at heart. He is also bound to discuss his new exhibition at the Tate Britain which opens next Thursday. With over 250 of his original art works on display it is sure to draw a large crowd; his last exhibition is thought to have been attended by over 1.2 million people. The exhibit is due to stay open until the 29th May with Adult tickets retailing at a price of £17.50.

This is certainly a clever PR choice for the paper as a boost in sales in almost inevitable. Many will surely want to own this one of a kind edition from either a collector’s viewpoint or simply as a humble fan of the artist. As the Sun puts it: Own a masterpiece for only 50p.

– gfpvincent91


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