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The media is a powerful tool; information being readily available, 24 hours a day means we’re more connected to news, stories and cat pictures than ever before. The downside, though, is that misinformation can spread quickly, especially when tensions are running high and emotions are in play.

In the wake of the terror attacks in Paris many people reported that Brussels had become unsafe. Unfounded claims of attacks, riots and danger throughout the city quickly permeated the online space.

Visit Brussels, though, developed an incredible, powerful and beautiful message; Don’t always believe what you hear.

Installing #CALLBRUSSELS phones across the city they allowed people to dial in via a website from all over the world and talk to the people of the city.

“I read on the internet that it’s dangerous to visit your city” said one caller, before being told that the city is peaceful, and normal, and that you shouldn’t listen to CNN or the BBC.

It’s an extremely heartfelt video that garnered some amazing results; generating international print news coverage and online. The people of Brussels received 12,688 calls from 154 countries in the 5 days this stunt was active, while the campaign received over 9 million impressions on social media.

Bravo Visit Brussels.


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