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Brands create beautiful edible art for National Pancake Day.


There are a great deal of mouth-watering pancake tweets around today celebrating National Pancake Day. Across the country people are sharing their favourite ways of creating pancakes using different flavours from the more typical cherries and berries to savoury crispy bacon topped with a generous glug of golden maple syrup and some are even making flipping pancake kebabs!

If this isn’t satisfying enough for you, there are endless ways you can add details to your pancakes; here are our top arty tweets from brands displaying their wonderful “pancakey” talents.

Power rangers Pancake art ahead of new film
This Power Rangers Movie inspired creation by Sai Pancakes is something more extraordinary for those who are bored making occasional pancakes. As they say, life is too short for round pancakes!

Kopparberg pancake perfection: Art on a plate!
We already love pancakes but Kopparberg UK has created this pancake perfection, which is pretty impressive and looks delicious.

Fancy a pancake of Biffy Clyro portrait?
Download Festival are taking this Pancake Day a few steps further and have created their headliner, Biffy Clyro on a pancake for Download festival. Looks as good as a portrait painting!

Pancake Switch by Nintendo
Nintendo switch arrives on 3rd of March but Nintendo pancake switch is already here. Three days to go and today’s a good day to celebrate!

Every Kids Dream: Colourful Mickey Pancake
King of Disney, the Mickey Mouse pancake is full of bright colours and kids would love it as much as adults! Let’s take a moment and appreciate this stunning Mickey pancake on National Pancake Day!

However if that all seems too complicated for you, remember that the pancake basics could not be simpler and are still just as delicious.



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