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Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream revive the lolly stick joke via Twitter

Posted on May 25th, 2012 in FMCG,Food and Drink PR,Ice Cream,Online PR.

LONDON, Friday 25th May 2012: Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream heralds the start of a Great British summer by unveiling the first in a new generation of lolly stick ticklers following the nation’s biggest ever gag competition, @goldenlollyjoke on Twitter.

Frederick’s Dairies, who make and sell the ice cream lollies under licence for Cadbury, turned to the social media website for inspiration ahead of producing a new range of lolly stick jokes in 2013.

The initiative was launched following customer research which found that 66% of British ice cream fanatics would love to see the return of the lolly stick joke. More than 2,000 entries came via Twitter as micro bloggers flexed their humour muscles in search of a £5,000 prize.

Comedy critic and author Bruce Dessau, who has been researching comedy trends in social media, said: “There has never been a better time to revive the tradition of the lolly stick joke. Short form text mediums like Twitter have focused people on delivering bite-sized wit and shown us that a joke doesn’t have to be long to be good.”

All entries were judged by a panel of experts which included Dessau. The top gags were then put to public vote.

The winning joke has been penned by Charlie Thomas (@swingitcharlie), a Newcastle scaffolder by day and part of a Rat Pack tribute act by night.

His winning joke is ‘Who is in charge of the hankies? The hankie-chief’.

It has been engraved onto the world’s first ever 18 carat gold lolly stick which the British public will have the chance to win this weekend. The stick, worth £10,000, has been put into a random Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream Lolly for a member of the public to find. The lollies will be given out in London’s Covent Garden Piazza from Friday 25th May until Sunday 27th May.

Jenny Bostock, Consumer Marketing Manager, says: “We are proud to be reviving a great summer time tradition and what better way to do it than with the help of the nation. Twitter has re-energised our passion for joke telling and sharing. We want to bring back the fun to ice cream and put a smile on our customer faces.”

Top 10 Joke Entries @goldenlollyjoke
1. Who is in charge of the hankies? The hankie-chief! @swingitcharlie
2. Why are crabs trying to take over the sea? Because they’re shellfish – @dave_giz
3. What did the buffalo say to his child when he was leaving for uni? Bison – @MartinDarko
4. Where did Noah keep all of the freshwater fish? In his multi-storey Carp Ark – @TonyCowards
5. Why did the cow get thrown out of the darts competition? Because she hit a bulls eye – @bellmusic
6. I’ve got a joke about Elton John. It’s a little bit funny – @jcodfishpie
7. Why did the cheese maker walk with a limp? Because he only had one stilton @QuintinForbes
8. Who is president of the Zoo animals? Barack O’Llama – @zoolander1978
9. What is Bilbo Baggins’ favourite part of a cooker? The hob bit – @Alan_Machnik
10. Who did King Arthur get to look after his napkins? Sir Viette – @hilaryoscorne

For children of the 60s ,70s and 1980s the joke was an essential part of the lolly experience. Stick jokes were phased out from 1988 but will be brought back next year by Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream due to a surge in demand.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream is made under licence by Fredericks Dairies

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World’s first amphibious ice cream van sets sail on The Thames

Posted on June 1st, 2011 in brand PR,Consumer PR,Event PR,Experiential Marketing,FMCG,Food and Drink PR,Ice Cream,PR Stunt,PR Stunts,Publicity Stunts.

The world’s first amphibious ice cream van set sail down the River Thames yesterday ahead of a UK tour.

The vessel reaches a top speed of five knots and chimes Rod Stewart’s classic ‘We Are Sailing’ as it ploughs through the waves.

The  ‘HMS Flake 99’ was specially commissioned by Fredericks, makers of Cadbury’s ice cream to mark National Ice Cream Week (30th May – 5th June).

The vehicle brought a smile to commuters’ faces as it passed Battersea Power Station, Westminster Bridge and the London Eye.


After a nationwide tour of Britain’s beaches, there are plans to take the vehicle across the English Channel and on to the canals of Venice next year.

Early morning strollers and boating enthusiasts enjoyed scoops by the surf in Blackpool on Monday when the customised craft completed a successful, secret maiden voyage.

The vehicle will now commence a tour of UK beaches – visiting thousands of sun seekers on Britain’s beaches as the staycation boom continues.

A growing number of councils ban vans from housing estates, parks and outside schools because of concerns about noise pollution. Others have created ice cream selling ­“exclusion zones” in town ­centres, hiked the cost of a van operator’s licence and limited how long vans can sound their chimes.

She’s captained by ice cream mad David Mounfield, a stand-up comedian from Brighton, who was chosen after winning an online competition.

Jenny Bostock, Consumer Marketing Manager for Fredericks in Skelmersdale, Lancashire comments: ” If you can’t make it to your local beach to see our van, you can always pick up a pack of four from your local supermarket. We are now considering taking the remarkable vehicle across the Channel and onto the canals of Venice to champion Britain’s beaches and give our continental cousins the ultimate taste of the British summertime.”

For more information, visit

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Dear Kate Howe

Posted on March 3rd, 2011 in Ice Cream.

Dear Kate Howe,

We read on page 2 of this week’s edition of PR Week that you deemed our client, The Icecreamists’, recent foray into breast milk ice cream ‘a PR miss’. How odd.

Here’s what you said…

Here’s a bit more info about the campaign for you;

> A £50 advert on Mumsnet, which delivered the milk donating mum (a voluntary worker who works in breast milk education), yielded £2.3 Million* of global media coverage in just 4 days.

> That’s quite a return on investment

> In addition to widespread print media coverage it achieved 6 national television hits, 19 national radio hits and 369 major online sites.

> It was the 5th most popular story on the BBC news website during launch week.

What happened since the story broke….

> Although the Baby Gaga product sold out within just 2 hours of going on sale (“It tastes fantastic” The Evening Standard), the Icecreamists Maiden Lane experimental outlet has been overwhelmed with curious customers who have been enjoying their menu of 20 radical new flavours.

> In fact sales at the restaurant are going rather well – currently 500% above client forecasts

> The media coverage has generated huge interest in the brand attracting new financial investors and international franchise interest.

> It has also fast-tracked the opening of a major new Icecreamists restaurant on the main Covent Garden piazza which will happen in May.

You say that ‘credible comms’ is the way forward however we think, in this instance, that the brand’s core target audience of upmarket, adventure-seeking hedonists probably aren’t going to be deconstructing the company’s CSR policy as they tuck into their chocolate volcano’s, absinthe sorbets and chilli vodka ice creams.

You are, of course, fully entitled to your opinion…

lots of love

The Icecreamists PR team at Taylor Herring

* source Intelligent Media

P.S – check out our campaigns for Cadbury’s Flake 99 and Del Monte lollies

Breast Milk Ice Cream Goes On Sale

Posted on February 24th, 2011 in Food and Drink PR,Ice Cream.

A new London ice cream parlour is serving up a breast milk ice cream alongside a range of unusual new flavours.

The ice-cold breast milk concoction, dubbed the Baby Gaga, will be available from tomorrow (Friday 25th February) to ice-cream lovers at the Icecreamists restaurant in Covent Garden.

Victoria Hiley, 35, from London donated a total of 30 fluid ounces of breast milk to the restaurant after seeing an advert on the internet. Offering money to potential suppliers on the Mumsnet forum the advert attracted a further 14 ladies to come forward and offer their services.

In her day job Victoria works with women who have problems breast feeding their babies. She believes that if adults realise how tasty breast milk actually is, new mothers will be more willing to breast feed their own new-borns.

Victoria Hiley said “I saw the advert on Mumsnet forum. What could be more natural than fresh, free-range mother’s milk in an ice cream? And for me it’s a recession beater too – what’s the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash? I tried the product for the first time today – it’s very nice it really melts in the mouth. I teach women how to get started on breast feeding their babies. There’s very little support for women and every little helps. I’m passionate about the good that breast feeding does for babies.”

Each donor receives £15 for every ten ounces of milk extracted by breast pumps. And to maintain the highest standards, health checks for the lactating women are the same used by hospitals to screen blood donors.

The Baby Gaga recipe blends breast milk with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest, which is then freshly churned into ice cream.

The ‘Icecreamists’ parlour has been designed to a burlesque theme of decadence reinventing sorbets and gelatos in a unique manner with presentation that involve syringes, flames and liquid nitrogen.

Founder, Matt O’Connor, 44 from Hampshire is confident his take on the miracle of motherhood – priced at a cool £14 – will go down a treat with the paying public.

Matt O’ Connor said “The Baby Gaga tastes creamy and rich. No-one’s done anything interesting with ice cream in the last hundred years. We’ve came up with a method of infusing ice-cream with breast milk. We wanted to completely reinvent it. And by using breast milk we’ve definitely given it a one hundred percent makeover. It’s just one of a dozen radical new flavours we’ve invented. We want to change the way people think about ice cream. If it’s good enough for our children it’s good enough for the rest of us. Some people will hear about it and go, yuck – but actually it’s pure, organic, free-range and totally natural. I had a Baby Gaga just this morning and I feel great.”

The store opening follows the success of the Iceceamists installation at Selfridges in 2010. A second, larger outlet will open in the Piazza in Covent Garden in late May.

Matt O’Connor and Victoria Hiley are available for interview.

Press Contact: [email protected] +44 208) 206 5151

10 Ways To Be A Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga

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