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March 3, 2011

Dear Kate Howe.

Dear Kate Howe,

We read on page 2 of this week’s edition of PR Week that you deemed our client, The Icecreamists’, recent foray into breast milk ice cream ‘a PR miss’. How odd.

Here’s what you said…

Here’s a bit more info about the campaign for you;

> A £50 advert on Mumsnet, which delivered the milk donating mum (a voluntary worker who works in breast milk education), yielded £2.3 Million* of global media coverage in just 4 days.

> That’s quite a return on investment

> In addition to widespread print media coverage it achieved 6 national television hits, 19 national radio hits and 369 major online sites.

> It was the 5th most popular story on the BBC news website during launch week.

What happened since the story broke….

> Although the Baby Gaga product sold out within just 2 hours of going on sale (“It tastes fantastic” The Evening Standard), the Icecreamists Maiden Lane experimental outlet has been overwhelmed with curious customers who have been enjoying their menu of 20 radical new flavours.

> In fact sales at the restaurant are going rather well – currently 500% above client forecasts

> The media coverage has generated huge interest in the brand attracting new financial investors and international franchise interest.

> It has also fast-tracked the opening of a major new Icecreamists restaurant on the main Covent Garden piazza which will happen in May.

You say that ‘credible comms’ is the way forward however we think, in this instance, that the brand’s core target audience of upmarket, adventure-seeking hedonists probably aren’t going to be deconstructing the company’s CSR policy as they tuck into their chocolate volcano’s, absinthe sorbets and chilli vodka ice creams.

You are, of course, fully entitled to your opinion…

lots of love

The Icecreamists PR team at Taylor Herring

* source Intelligent Media

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