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August 17, 2016

Banks for money or for emotions?.

We all know and love ATM machines for giving us money without having to queue up in a bank however, the city of Whangarei (in New Zealand) has just installed an ATM for your feelings. An Australian artist, Vanessa Crowe created the emotive concept of a Mood Bank that balances out your emotions with debits and credits and can work out the general mood of a city!


The quirky machine works by allowing passers-by to pick between 1000 different options of emotions to describe your current state. Examples of these include: snappy, groggy and loved to name only a few impressive examples! Following the choice, each individual can deposit their feelings into the ATM machine which will record it. The machine then cleverly averages out all the moods of all the individuals who deposit their emotions to find what the overall mood the city is in!
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