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A Night Under The Sea.

AirBnB are no strangers to this blog; from the igloos of the New York snowstorm to the painterly Van Gogh apartment, it seems as though the brand is open to all kinds of interesting and unique ideas. This listing, though, might just be their most daring yet.

airbnb under water

File this under “once in a lifetime” opportunities. AirBnB are allowing lucky winners to spend a night under water, sleeping and dining while surrounded by beautiful undersea creatures… like sharks.

The room will be used for marine biologists to observe the behaviours of sharks up close but, for a brief 3 day period, you could win the chance to stay in it. You’ll get a romantic meal and then spend the night sleeping, or panicking.

You can apply here if you’re feeling up to it. The campaign has, as with most things AirBnB puts its name to, generated a load of coverage and, no doubt, guaranteed a shed of applicants for the room.


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