Taylor Herring takes off with easyJet

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We work alongside the in-house team at easyJet to support the airline throughout the year with high profile campaigns that deliver in media, on social and add value to customer experience.

The Flybrary

20,000 copies of children’s books took to the skies in ‘Flybraries’ as part of a purposeful campaign designed to get youngsters hooked on a book at the start of their Summer holidays and affirm the airlines’ family-friendly credentials. 

Following a hugely succesful UK trial in 2017 - the concept was rolled out across 10 European markets.

The work won the praise of the Schools Minister, the National Literacy Trust and was awarded Travel Campaign Of The Year at the PR Week Awards

Female Pilot Recruitment

Taylor Herring was briefed to lead easyJet’s female pilot recruitment drive in 2018.

Our bold campaign captured media attention by confronting gender stereotyping in Hollywood movies – generating over 180 high-value media articles.

As a direct result of the data-driven, content powered PR campaign, the female pilot intake doubled.

The airline hired more than 50 new women pilots in the second half of 2018 – soaring to a key milestone of 15% of the intake pilots being female (up from 6%.)


Christmas Lights

Passengers and crew at London Luton Airport were treated to a spectacular festive surprise, as they witnessed the world’s first Christmas light show to feature a 120ft aircraft.

easyJet provided an A320 Airbus to airport ground staff who created the spectacular festive experience by wrapping the aircraft with Christmas lights


Royal Wedding

Our contest to find Europe’s best Royal couple doppelgangers landed Pan European coverage.

Captain Claus

20,000 customers got to experience the new in-flight festive grottos and meet Santa Claus on routes from the UK to France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Holland.


Café van der Sprinkles

We helped easyJet celebrate Dutch culture with a pop-up in partnership with the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions.

The café served edible dutch artwork in the form of Hagelslag (sprinkles) on bread a popular Dutch breakfast dish. There were also sprinkle-inspired beauty treatments on offer and a display of ‘edible Dutch masterpieces’, such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Results: 48 pieces of high value media coverage with a circulation of 40 Million


Jet Sounds: The Album

We announced a new route to the ‘land of nod’ for customers with the release of ‘Jet Sounds’; a ground-breaking charity single and album comprised entirely of easyJet engine noise.

The single and extended cut album was recorded at 39,000ft en-route from Gatwick to Nice and features the sublime harmonics of a pair of CFM56, twin spool, high bypass, turbo fan engines.

The release was inspired by research which confirms that white noise can help to send people to sleep.

Results: 50+ pieces of high value media coverage

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The client said...

“The Flybraries project gave us the perfect opportunity?to showcase our family friendly credentials in the media while doing something of value for the hundreds of thousands of children flying with us over the Summer, gaining praise not only from parents but also government ministers and the national literacy council triggered by the wall to wall press coverage. A brilliant campaign from Taylor Herring that we’ll be bringing back in 2018.”Anna Knowles, Head Of PR